Spring 2016 CSE 6512 Randomization in Computing (UConn)

 "Very knowledgeable in his field.thanks"

 "I enjoyed how Dr. Raj is able to instruct without notes and or preparing slides, and he is able to instruct very well and is knowledgeable about algorithms. It felt like an honor to be in his class and learn from such insight."

 "Overall is very good."

 "This course is rigorous but important in developing an algorithms background."

 "Prepared well."

Fall 2015 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

 "He stimulated interest in algorithms and provided clear explanations of each algorithm."

 "Clearly very knowledgeable, thorough answers to all questions"

 "The instructor is very respectful to his students and has a true passion for the subject. I felt very comfortable as a student of Dr. Rajasekaran."

"Clear material laid out in a way to foster learning and understanding."

"Very passionate about the subject. Very accessible and a nice guy."

"This professor is very knowledgeable in this subject, hard to nd something he does not know."

"Raj is one of the most organized, well spoken, and intelligent professors I've had. He presents the material so clearly and is very easy to follow along with."

"Good lecturing!"

"Very knowledgeable about subject area"

"Your handwriting was large and legible, speech was loud and clear, assignments straightforward. Honestly there are no complaints. Thank you for an enjoyable class in which I actually learned something."

"The lectures were very clear and each topic was taught very well. As someone who struggled a lot with Data Structures and Algorithms, I thought I wouldn't do well in this course. However, this ended up being one of my favorites and I understood everything fairly well."

"Professor Raj is a genius. This is the rst time a lot of simple algorithm and data structure concepts were explained in a class and I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD IT!!!!!!!! He is able to transcend his intelligence very well to his students."

"Thoroughly explained concepts. Made them easier to digest"

"Raj was extremely knowledgeable about the subject and answered questions very adequately."

"This course was very dicult and I think that professor Raj taught it the best way possible. I learned a lot about algorithms from this course."

"Learned a lot, great prof"

"This course was one of the most challenging I've taken so far, but I've learned so much and assessment of understanding is very fair."

"Raj was a great proesor and the material he was covering was fairly hard to understand so he did a great job in that aspect."

Spring 2015 CSE 6512 Randomization in Computing (UConn)

"taught each and every topic in details and in a more clear way"

"The instructor taught us some famous theories developed by himself. He is very knowledgable so the course is very interesting. And the instructor has passion on what he taught us."

"The algorithms are presented by hand-writing step by step, which is very helpful for us to understand them."

"Prof. Raj has a really deep understanding of the course and can explain the idea in a great and clear way."

"Course materials are very useful not only in algorithms/computing but also equip me with problem solving skills using randomization approach. And it inspires me how to think about problems."

"Although this course is pretty dicult, it's interesting."

"Great course and great professor."

"Very helpful. Instructor asks questions timely to check that students understand every step."

Fall 2014 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

"Dr. Raj is without a doubt one of the best professors I've had the pleasure to take a course with while at UConn. He is clearly intensely interested and passionate about algorithms, and he projects this on his students. I found myself pulled into the algorithms he was teaching, in a sense. In fact, I actually found myself enjoying algorithms, and am possibly considering studying them in a graduate program."

"Responded very well to student questions. Very reasonable in regards to assignments"

"He was very thorough and organized. It was impressive that he used no notes while teaching the class; it showed that he knew the information completely and was well-versed in the course material. He always asked if we had any questions and was very helpful whenever students had problems."

"The lectures were excellent. Professor Rajasekaran's extensive familiarity with the material meant that he didn't need to rely on a textbook, meaning that we received all the material directly in class." 

"He seemed like he enjoyed the topic and presented everything in a clear manner"

"He was very clear in his presentation and is very knowledgeable in the subject material."

"Doing all of the problems out on the board was very helpful and having us do the exams outside of class was helpful as well because we got more time to do them."

"The most positive aspect? It is not possible to select just one aspect. Rajasekaran is an exceptional person/professor. By far this is the best professor I have ever had at UCONN. Extremely organized, knows the subject, passionate, excellent method of teaching, graded homework's and exams fast, interesting problems and the list goes on. This might seem like an exaggerated response but Raj deserves only but the best review. I cannot express how grateful I am that I took this class with him."

"I had such a great experience with this class that he just sparked something in me. Very inspirational person, and even though he is extremely smart, he treats everyone nicely and with respect."

"Thank you professor Raj for everything, keep up the good work and I wish you only but the best."

"The most positive aspect of this class was the instructor's approach-ability. I seldom see instructors, especially in the CSE department, who are readily available outside of oce hours (if they even give oce hours). This instructor was always available and always extremely helpful. He has a passion for this subject and for helping students learn and I was glad to be in the class."

"Clear and concise explanations of concepts."

"Dr, Rajasekaran's passion for the subject matter was shown clearly through his teaching and made class joy to attend. The material was dicult at times but the enthusiasm and rigor with which it was taught made me learn more than I have in previous courses."

"Raj is the best professor I've ever had! He is extremely knowledgeable and teaches the material very clearly. He asks engaging questions to make sure you're paying attention during lecture. The homeworks and exams are always graded quickly and fairly. This class was challenging, but I've learned so much, and it was a great experience overall."

"It's hard to rank the positive aspects of Raj's teaching because, frankly, they were all positive. But if I had to choose, I would say that Raj had a spectacular way with words, and his lectures left an impact on me that extends beyond academia. Raj had an incredible method of just waltzinginto the room and immediately delving into the subject of the day, without need for slides or notes. He would eortlessly explore algorithms in impressive detail and incredible clarity. With a wave of
his ngers and a joke or two, Raj instilled us all with the same passion and knowledge that he himself expresses."

"I always looked forward to one of Raj's lectures. He always came in knowing exactly what he would teach, and taught the material in a clear and understandable manner. I really enjoyed having diffcult homework with lots of hints along the way."

"I came into this course with some apprehension, but Dr. Raj made even the most complex algorithms intuitive and accessible. He was consistently prepared for class and demonstrated remarkable understanding of the material. Raj was a brilliant educator."

"The lecture notes were amazing. Raj is actually the best professor I have had at UConn."

"Professor Rajasekaran clearly loves what he does and it shows just in the way he presents the material to the class. I love the way he would introduce every concept with a real life example. It demonstrates the reason why we are learning it in the rst place. He then would walk the class through an algorithm in a way that is easy to understand and follow. The work is hard but the key takeaway of the class is to have a deeper appreciation of the material which I can personally say
he succeeded in doing so."

"Always willing to help, and extremely knowledgable"

"Raj was very clear with most of the material he presented, and was good at helping outside of class as well."

"Professor Raj, is the best professor I ever have had. He explained every concept very well, and he was always there to answer any question through out the semester. Thank You!"

"Raj is extremely professional and knows how to explain this stu in a clear manner."

"Demonstrated incredible knowledge of the material."

"Raj was very excited about the material and it came through when he taught. He knew the material o the top of his head and never faltered when asked for further explanation."

"Very thorough and rigorous proong of subject matter. Went into material that the algorithms book, which seems to be THE algorithms primer of the community, did not cover, like parallel applications, which is becoming more and more important due to the state of technology."

"Professor Raj kept us entertained while teaching at the same time. A rarity with professors."

"He had a very clear and strong passion for the course's topic and was willing to work with the students to make times work for exams. He was also great about going over and clarifying lecture topics."

"Nothing. His teaching cannot be improved. Instead of just reading power points, Raj was always involved and kept the class engaged. Great role model."

"No complaints. The exams were extremely challenging and sometimes may not have reected how well I knew the material but they were fun as a problem solving exercise."

"I think Professor Rajasekaran has a really eective method of teaching this course, I cannot think of anything that would improve his teaching eectiveness. He answered questions on the spot and will take his time to explain a concept if he sees the class is having a hard time understanding it."

"Very interesting course content - something I did not readily understand intuitively, and a subject for which critical thinking is better than simple memorization."

"This course prepares students to utilize the theory behind algorithmic complexity. It exposes them to algorithms commonly used in many elds of computing and does so thoroughly."

"The structure of the course was excellent, topics were connected in a fashion that it made it easy to learn. His notes are excellent and easy to follow as well."

"great course, very dicult material but taught well"

"Though I just barely stayed awake for the majority of the lectures (a problem that I've had for all of my classes), I still feel like I've learned a good amount from this course."

"Great course. Enjoyed it."

"The course was fun. It may have been the only class for which I really enjoyed taking exams."

"Asking what Raj could do to improve his teaching eectiveness is like asking what Mozart could do to improve his symphonies. The answer is nothing."

Spring 2014 CSE 5095 Topics in Big Data Analytics (UConn)

"He is very knowledgeable professor. I amaze how he teaches this course purely from his memory. He is so humble and smart."

"Very clear explanation of each topic and providing organized class notes"

"The instructor gave a nice review in the areas that were background for the course topics as well as made the course project an integral part of the learning."

"The course materials, its organization and above all the style of teaching is excellent."

"Professor Raj is a great professor, and by far one of the best I have ever had. His passion for the subject shines through each and every lecture and his examples and simplistic ways in which he presents confusing material makes it easy to learn dicult concepts."

"The instructor took the time to explain everything, while keeping a good pace during the semester"

"The instructor was very eective and should teach more advanced topics soon!"

Fall 2013 CSE 5500 Advanced Sequential and Parallel Algorithms (UConn)

"He likes what he teaches and he is fully knowledged in the area"

"Professor Raj. is awesome. He always support students in class by eective ways. Many questions/answers in class, hints for homework but not solution. give us the motivation to learn."

"He makes us think on the new problems"

"The instructor was very knowledgeable about the course. I liked that about him and how it was presented."

"My grades - I thought I'd fail, but the grading was fair and adjusted to the others."

"The exam problems were very nice."

"The material I learned from this class will be helpful in graduate school."

"The hardest course I've ever had"

"It was a good course."

Spring 2013 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

"That he walked through every algorithm"

"Raj was pretty no-nonsense. He covers what he needs to cover when he needs to cover it and
does so with generally understandable notes."

"Raj was always ready to go when he got to class, and he always was more than willing to accept questions (probably sometimes a little too willing). His exams were challenging but not impossible, and he fostered genuine interest in the subject. Basically he did a great job."

"He is a very knowledgeable professor and will explain everything to you in a lot of detail. He also cares about his students a lot and grades fairly based on how the class is doing. Overall, one of the best professors I had!"

"Professor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject"

"Dr. Raj is the best professor I.have had at uconn. I learned all materials from his class notes without opening the book.he also strengthened my understanding of other classes."

"I like that he didn't use powerpoints. It is immediately obvious that he enjoys the topics and knows them extremely well."

"Professor wrote on the board and interacted and explained everything clearly."

"He taught everything on the y. any questions we had were answered clearly and easily. hands down the best professor I have ever had."

"Presented challenging material in an extremely clear and helpful manner. He's clearly a very smart man as well. Always was willing to answer students' questions."

"Very well prepared, clear, and eective use of time."

"Dr. Raj was amazing! I love how knowledgeable he is on the material. He teaches purely from his memory, which I personally think shows just how much he knows about the material. His lectures are clear and concise. I've learned so much just from his notes alone. Plus he is always very helpful outside of the classroom if there's something that I don't quite understand."

"Instructor was infectiously enthusiastic. Patient and approachable."

"Explanations of everything, while providing examples made the class much more immersive and worth going to. In other classes the professor often reads o of slides without doing much else."

"He was very accommodating to people asking questions in class. He gave good hints for the homework, and graded fairly. Also had, like, the more soothing voice ever. He should work at NPR or something."

"This is the best professor at the university."

"the way he taught it was quite awesome as is."

"Dr. Raj is already great!"

"This was an amazing course, I've learned a lot on algorithms and a lot of the material was very interesting and exciting to learn! Thank you for an awesome semester Dr. Raj!!!"

"Your class notes are fantastic."

"Stay classy. once again, best professor ever."

"Great course, really enjoyed taking it."

"Overall the course was great! It denitely exceeded my expectations."

"Overall, great teaching approach/lectures. Attended all of them and enjoyed the class."

"Made a lot more sense than the rst algorithms class I took."

Fall 2012 CSE 5500 Advanced Sequential and Parallel Algorithms (UConn)

"He is the greatest. Everything helps us learn, even the tests."

"Thank you so much. The material is so much more interesting than I had imagined."

"Very clear lectures and easy to follow lectures."

"Professor's understanding of topic is greatly displayed when he is able to change or come up
with new examples on the
y to answer questions and clear up any confusions"

"Thank you!"

"Helpful for my research"

"The best class I have ever attended."

"he is the man!"

"His boardwork is awesome. No question about grasp on the subject. TOO GOOD:


"Enough material was covered to gain a deep apreciation for the design and proof of optimal
and good enough algorithms."

"Raj is very knowledgeable and very patient"

"Enjoyed the class!"

"Professor has much experience in algorithm, I like him."

"The algorithms I learned in this course are very useful for my future career."

"He covered lot of dierent algorithms which was very interesting."

"It's already excellent!"

"Very good course"

"Always Interested in teaching & Interacting with students. A Brilliant course to attend"

Spring 2012 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

"Very clear explanations"

"Able to answer every question"

"Lots of examples. great teacher"

"Very concise and clear lectures"

"Good at explaining concepts"

"he was nice."

"Always taught with a smile on his face and it made the class a little better. He denitely enjoys what he teaches."

"Detailed notes and reasonable exams"

"Very knowledgeable."

"Fantastic Professor"

"I really enjoyed this class. The examples were incredibly interesting & I enjoyed all of the algorithms we discussed"

"thanks for a great semester !!"

"Well organized and clear even on dicult problems. Awesome teacher!"

"He always gave a ton of examples on the board."

"Great teacher, really knowledgable guy. Thanks!"

"I loved how every class he reviewed what we did the class before as a quick refresher."

"Knows his stu, doesn't need notes to teach"

"Good job at explaining the algorithms"

"Rajasek is extremely competent at understanding the ideas to an extreme degree, while at the same time being able to clearly explain the topics to newcomers."

Fall 2011 CSE 6512 Randomization in Computing (UConn)

"He is an excellent teacher. He never used hand-materials to teach in the class. Concept is very clear."

"detailed explaination"

"I like the variety of algorithm topics."

"He is the kind of prof I want to be"

"A wide range of randomized Alg"

"Thorough knowledge"

"Well organized, Eective presentation with lot's of patience to help understand the concepts properly"

"Best lecture ever!"

"Very clever and well prepared."


"Perfect understanding/expertise on the subject. Important material and thorough analysis ..."

Spring 2011 CSE 5500 Complexity of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms (UConn)

"very clear and effective"

"Explains the algorithms in an effective way"

"Very knowledgeable"

"Well explained. Interesting content."

"He taught with strong insight of the material and engaged students"

"He understands the course very well, is well prepared, very welcoming for any questions, a really good professor."

"He is great teacher"

"He teaches very well and clear { organized { listens well for all students."

"It was very easy to contact professor both in & out class. He was very helpful."

"Excellent lectures always Presented subject very clear Explained subject very well & clear  Excellent professor ) genius Very admirable"

"Excellent teaching method always"

"Very clear, interesting"

"He is perfect"

Fall 2010 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

"Very clear and organized"

"clearly explained/claried confusing concepts."

"Good course, Good teacher"

"Being open to questions and available to help."

"Gives examples for each new subject"

"He knew what he was talking about."

"He was organized and claried assignments"

"Cares for students in the way that if we were unclear he would spend time Re-explaining it & Breaking the problem Down"

"Thoroughly explained all subjects."

"Best professor since being at UCONN"

"I feel like I was able to take a lot away from this course."

"Prof Raj is very knowledgeable in his eld. Very helpful. Thought provoking home works"

"BEST CSE Prof. Would take again A++++"

"A very straight forward approach to teaching confusing material"

"Very nice guy!"

Spring 2010 CSE 5500 Complexity of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms (UConn)

"Prof. Rajasekaran did really motivate my interest in algorithms"

"Prof. Rajasekaran was very responsible and knowleegable. He is one of my favorite teacher ever since."

"Very knowledgeable. Did not teach from notes."

"The teaching is perfect."

"The lectures include every subeld in algorithms and the content is very well organized and very clear."

"His explanation are very explicit. All his lectures are well-prepared. He did very excellent job and benets are a lot."

"Very clear logic and good manner to questions"

"He is one of the best instructors I ever met. Very excellent teaching"

"Lectures well organized, presented clearly"

"The professor clearly explained algorithms and repeated or reexplained if there were any confusions"

"Very clear explanations"

"The material was covered in a comprehensive manner and everything was explained clearly."

"Great professor I really enjoyed the class."

Fall 2009 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

"Raj was a great lecturer, he was very good at explaining the concepts of the course"

"He knows everything so well, knowledge just absorbed into us."

"If algorithms were an art, raj would be the best artist of them all"

"Very thorough when it comes to answering questions in class. Provided useful guidance on homework problems."

"He explains everything to me well. Even more dicult structures has been explained by him well"

"The fact that he had everything memorized was impressive."

"He always did a brief review from the previous class session. This helped reinforce the material."

"Very knoweldgable and helpful"

"Amazing Professor. Very tough but I loved the course"

"Generally very thourough and complete in describing concepts."

"The best teacher in the CSE department I have had so far."

"Did a very good job explaining complex algorithms."

"Great professor."

"Really knows his material. Knowledgable as hell."

"Great Professor!"

"Used a lot of examples to explain concepts."

"You did a great job; Thanks Raj!"

"Very clear, thorough explanations of materials"

"He is a genius!"

Spring 2009 CSE 5500 Complexity of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms (UConn)

"Good presentation of dicult material!"

"Very interesting"

"He was well prepared"

"He can explain very well. 'Raj is the best' "

"No PPT. Just hand writtings"

"The concepts were explain in crystal clear manner."

"Extremely knowledgable and shows great interest in the materials taught"

Fall 2008 CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity (UConn)

"DR. RAJ is the Best"

"Raj is the man. He knows his algorithms."

"Was able to answer any question we had, no matter how dierent"

"Great professor. I would take him again given the chance"

"Very clear notes went over all problems in detail"

"Great teacher, very hard topic to teach but still tried to make us understand"

" Well taught Stimulated interest well"

"He was very thorough in his explanations"

"Every explanation was clear and Precise"

"Dr. Rajasekaran is very knowledgable."

"Gave great explanations"

"I very much liked that the professor held a good amount of oce hours and was very helpful and available during non-class time."

"He explained material thoroughly."

"Knew the material 100%. Could answer any question, ever"

"Great professor, hard class."

Spring 2008 CSE 361 Complexity of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms (UConn)

"The way of teaching is 'very good' "

"Interesting. Challenging. Best course for me so far."

"Algorithms were made fun and easy to understand. This course is one of the best courses at UConn. Unfortunately this is my last semester. I'd have loved to take more courses by this professor. If I'm ever back for a phd, I'll take more courses"

"Its the best course in UConn!"

"Thank you for this course. I had almost forgotten some aspects from my undergrad days. This course claried earlier doubts and refreshed my grasp of the topic. It is also very useful from job-interview perspective. Thank you"

"Clear explanations of opaque topics."

"Great Learning Experience."

"Very clear and crisp explanation."

"Thanks. the course has been most helpful."

"I really enjoyed this class!"

"Very clear and organized lecture. I also like the notes, informative!"

"I like the course very much!"

"Really clear & thorough lectures. Got material across very simply and never used or referred to notes."

"He never uses notes, so he remembers all alg. and their founders+date, that is impressive. Slow but accurate teaching style suited for all amounts of previous knowledge. Friendly atmosphere."

"Very thorough presentation of topics."

"All the algorithms described were very clear. The homeworks were very helpful to digest the material."

"Very clear. from easy to hard gradually. the examples. so that easy to understand and remember rmly."

Fall 2007 CSE 254 Introduction to Discrete Systems (UConn)

"Was very clear; gave good explanations"

"Explained the topics well"

"Very informative and very helpful"

"Raj you were an amazing teacher!"

"Took dicult sections slow and explained everything very well"

"He was very organized and knowledgable. He understood the complexity of each topic and allocated the correct time to explaining it"

"Good Class!"

"Clear about what is expected; consistent teaching style; fast grader!

"Very knowledable in book material, presented clearly & eectively"

"Great class, I look forward to my next class with Raj"

"Clear, concise lectures, challenging exams, appropriate homework"

"I regret that I will not be learning from the Prof. any time in the near future"

"Helpful to students"

"Very good reviews, exams contained no surprises! Perfectly happy to go into interesting tangents"

Spring 2007 CSE 462 Randomized Algorithms (UConn)

"Presenting the stu really well"

"exible, accessible, patient with students"

"He is very helpful and makes the class very interesting"

"Objectives of the course were clearly presented and many areas were stressed out"

"The most impressive thing is Prof. Rajasekaran's seemingly eortless command of this diffcult and complex material. He was also very available for student questions."

"Presented the ideas in an ecient manner."

"Professor is very knowledable, and patient."

"a dierent approach to algorithms."

"Claried the importance of the materials taught."

"Presented the material in a clear & logical manner"